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Hello. I’m Letitia, the founder of ReLight.

My favourite childhood memories all revolve around fires: sizzling burgers, a good ol’ spit, Chinese-style, or a simple bring & braai was enjoyed together as a family. Braaiing was a tradition in the Lerm house; something we did weekend after weekend, which led my dad, Kobus, to invent the very first ReLight prototype.

When I think of his jar filled with stones and paraffin, I can’t help thinking of him barefoot and shirtless in his PT-shorts,  fiddling with a pair of tongs around a fire. It’s my heart’s polaroid of him. It’s also how we spent our last hours together before he was tragically killed at our home.

I do wish I could sit around one more fire with him and ask: "What's the history behind the jar, Dad? Where on earth did you get the idea from?" I mean, did he even realize how incredibly unique his invention was? I’ll never know. What I do know, however, is that ReLight was inspired by his ingenuity and humble nature.

Dad, I want everyone to be able to use your invention to light a fire. To have a braai and spend time with the people they love again and again.

You are legendary. May ReLight be your legacy.


You are deeply missed.

ReLight Reusable Firelighters: Championing eco-friendly fires, ReLight firelighters are your sustainable answer to every fire need. From braai and fireplace to camping, these natural stone firelighters offer a green, zero-waste burn surpassing 10 minutes. Ideal for charcoal and wood, they're cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy to use. Each jar contains two resilient stones that absorb paraffin for consistent burning. They remain intact even after prolonged use, eventually giving you more firelighting stones over time. Once your fire's out, simply return the cooled stones to the jar to soak up paraffin, and replenish as needed. Crafted locally in South Africa, they last approximately 5 years and come in recyclable packaging. With ReLight, bid farewell to fire-starting woes.
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