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Hello. I’m Letitia, the founder of ReLight.

My favourite childhood memories all revolve around fires: sizzling burgers, a good ol’ spit, Chinese-style, or a simple bring & braai was enjoyed together as a family. Braaiing was a tradition in the Lerm house; something we did weekend after weekend, which led my dad, Kobus, to invent the very first ReLight prototype.

When I think of his jar filled with stones and paraffin, I can’t help thinking of him barefoot and shirtless in his PT-shorts,  fiddling with a pair of tongs around a fire. It’s my heart’s polaroid of him. It’s also how we spent our last hours together before he was tragically killed at our home.

I do wish I could sit around one more fire with him and ask: "What's the history behind the jar, Dad? Where on earth did you get the idea from?" I mean, did he even realize how incredibly unique his invention was? I’ll never know. What I do know, however, is that ReLight was inspired by his ingenuity and humble nature.

Dad, I want everyone to be able to use your invention to light a fire. To have a braai and spend time with the people they love again and again.

You are legendary. May ReLight be your legacy.


You are deeply missed.

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