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Frequently asked questions

How does ReLight work?

The ReLight jar contains 2 unique firelighter stones, soaked in paraffin. To use, stack your wood / charcoal / briquettes with a ReLight stone at the centre. Use a long reach lighter to set the stone alight. When the fire is completely out and cooled, simply return the stone back to the jar.

Over time and use, the paraffin will diminish, simply top it up with paraffin available at a retail outlet or hardware store.

Where can I buy more paraffin?

Paraffin is widely available, it can be purchased at most local hardware stores like Builders, Mica, BUCO, Jack's Paint and Leroy Merlin and can also be found at some retail outlets like Makro, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite. Do a local search of your area to find your nearest paraffin source. 

My firelighter stone broke, do I need to purchase another one? 

Over time, with use, the stones will succumb to wear and tear and might break in half but won't crumble. Great news is, you then have more ReLight stones to use.

Oh no, my firelighter stone has turned black?

Not to worry, this is completely normal. 

Where can ReLight be used?

ReLight fireligher stones can be used in open or closed fires (Indoor & outdoor) as well as in smokers. 

How long do the firelighter stones burn for?

The firelighter stones burn for longer than 10 minutes, which is plenty of time to get your fire going! 

I spilt some of the paraffin liquid, what should I do?

Be sure to clean it thoroughly with lots of water and soap. This product is flammable, so be sure to keep the affected area away from any heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces and any other ignition sources.

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